Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spyware For Android and iPhone

Security experts revealed that a malicious spyware was able to reach the devices, "iPhone", after a period of appearance in the devices, "Android", amid fears of being able to steal important data.

According to Fox News, the malicious program was found for the first time in the store "Google Play Store" for "Android", and users think that the application returned but not so.

If Google was quick to solve the malware dilemma quickly, Apple, which has recently become infected, only solved the problem later on after it became commonplace.

But iPhone users are not worried, because this malicious program has not yet infiltrated the App Store, but has targeted a platform for Apple application developers.

Last year, digital security company Lookout discovered a malicious program that threatened both Android and iOS systems and could steal numbers, sound recordings, images, geographical locations and other devices.

The company is investing significant resources to keep users safe from malicious applications and other breaches, the spokesman said.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, A technical Issue Around World

A number of Facebook social networking applications on Sunday are facing a sudden disruption in a number of countries around the world.

Users have had difficulty communicating with WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook because of the service interruption, without any clarification from the operators.

The day's interruption comes after a break similar to Facebook, Instagram, messenger and WhatsApp on March 13, which lasted a few hours, and Facebook attributed to a change in the configuration of the server.

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Will Apple cut iPhone prices after sales drop?

Apple chief Tim Cook has hinted that the company may cut iPhone prices in some areas in an attempt to boost sales, which has recently fallen.

IPhone sales fell significantly in the fourth quarter of last year, affecting the financial performance of the technology giant.

Revenue fell 5 per cent from last year to $ 84.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019, after revenue from iPhone sales fell 15 per cent.

The decline was expected after the company warned investors that it could happen earlier this month.

The company said the reason was partly due to China's economic slowdown.

According to Cook, Apple began this month to change the price of its phones to protect some customers from the impact of currency fluctuations.

"It was disappointing to lose the main component of our revenue (phone sales), but we run Apple in the long run, and the results of this quarter show that the core strength of our business extends deep," Cook said.

The phone market crisis

Apple's share price has fallen about a third since October, amid investor fears about weak smartphone buyers.

The concerns grew after the company said it would stop reporting the number of iPhones, iPads and Macs sold every quarter.

However, the company's shares rose almost 4 percent in the trading hours on Tuesday, as the company proved to be more flexible than previously thought.

Apple said quarterly sales fell more than 25 percent in the Greater China region, which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, compared to the previous year.

It also fell about 3 percent year-on-year in Europe.

But in the Americas, the company's largest business area, sales rose nearly 5 percent.

Apple's losses are not a unique event, but there is a crisis in the overall smart phone market.

Global smartphone shipments shrank by 5 percent in 2019, according to Canalys, which is analyzing the smart phone market.

The first 5G services in the world ..

South Korea is preparing to launch the world's first 5G commercial mobile phone network this week, overtaking the United States, Japan and other countries.

SK Telecom announced in a statement the beginning of the era of super-innovation with 5G, where the operator is scheduled to launch its service on Friday, April 5, in addition to the version that supports 5G technology from the Samsung Galaxy S10.

With the highest penetration of smartphones in the world, South Korea is in a race with China, the United States and Japan to market the fifth generation, in the hope that technology will breakthrough in areas such as smart cities and autos and increase economic growth.

"It is useful that South Korean telecoms provide services and networks that meet the highest quality and image for South Korean customers," said Ryu Young-sang, executive vice president of SK Telecom.

Rio added that the 5G technology will change the landscape in the gaming industry because it allows games to run with minimal delay on smartphones.

South Korean telecoms have spent billions of dollars on 5G marketing campaigns, and SK Telecom expects to have about one million customers in the fifth generation by the end of 2019.

South Korea Telecom claims its network has the highest speeds, coverage and best protection compared to any 5G operator.

SK Telecom, South Korea's largest operator, has 34,000 base stations with 5G technology with focused coverage in the busiest parts of 85 cities across the country.

These include university areas, highways, metro lines and sports venues.

There have also been efforts to improve internal coverage in about 120 locations such as shopping malls and airports, where SK Telecom prides itself on its technology.

SK Telecom, through the self-developed "Total In-building Solution" application, offers data rates four times faster than its competitors using four smart phone antennas.

The company said its network is ready to support very low latency applications such as self-driving cars and smart cities, and that the combination of infrastructure for 4G and 5G networks allows speeds of up to 2.7 Gbps.

While downloading 12 GB of virtual reality content over the 5G network alone takes more than a minute, it takes only 36 seconds to download the same content over SK Telecom's 4G-5G network.

SK Telecom plans to deliver up to 8,000 different content harnessing the potential of these speeds in a variety of areas, including 4K videos, games, enhanced reality and virtual reality.

SK Telecom, the leader in telecommunications, offers the same amount of data as the equivalent of 4G networks.

The company, along with two other Korean operators, launched South Korea's fifth-generation services in December, but these services were not mobile broadband services, as the 5G devices were not yet commercially available.

South Korea's Samsung was the first handset maker to unveil a fifth generation 5G smartphone in February, while a number of devices were announced at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Friday, April 5, 2019

iPhone XR - What is New this Time?

iPhone XR - The New iPhone from Apple

 The new iPhone comes in 6 different colors

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Coral
  4. Red 
  5. Yellow
  6. White
This new iPhone has been released for the year 2019. 

You can buy this iPhone at many stores as well, such as the following stores:
Best Buy 

New Specs on iPhone XR

Which one are you going to pick?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Instagram Starts Testing Video Rendering

Since the introduction of video uploads on Instagram and users find it important and beautiful, but that feature was always lacking control to provide and delay the video so that the user does not have to watch the whole section every time he wants to see part of it.

But according to technical researcher Jane Monchen-Wong, the company is testing a feature that allows the video to be quickly presented so that users can quickly see the footage or access the desired segment without having to watch it fully, using a bar at the top that shows the duration of each video.

No doubt the new feature in Instagram is important to most users, especially those who prefer to watch video on the platform and follow accounts that provide more video than images.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The New Phone Google Pixel

The mobile phone market is facing stiff competition, with sales of some companies falling and the emergence of a new generation of collapsible devices.

Apple's new mobile phone is expected later this year, while Android users are looking for a new Galaxy 10 device, as well as the next Huawei.

Details of the "leaked" supposedly for Google's new "pixel 4" and "4 pixel XL" appear to indicate a high level of design aesthetics.

The PGR website reported that a fuzzy figure that appeared last week reportedly revealed features of the 4XL pixel design, and subsequent reports suggested it was correct.

According to the leaked imagery, this year Google will rely on two designs, slightly different, with a smaller 4-pixel camera and one rear-facing camera, while the larger 4x pixels will be equipped with a dual camera, believed to be the first in a pixel series.

The device will rely on the design of the camera, which takes the form of a small circle at the top of the screen, indicating that it takes less space in the screen compared to the upper rectangle on which Apple depends on the iPhone X.

Google has yet to confirm the physical and design characteristics of the two new devices, and the company is not expected to disclose them until next October probably.

Bluetooth Headphones '' Cancer ''

In a public appeal to the World Health Organization (WHO), 250 scientists warned of significant health risks they believe to be caused by earphones such as Apple Airpod and other wireless technologies. Scientists have shown that the resulting radiation greatly increases the risk of cancer and other serious diseases.

Scientists from around the world have said they are "very concerned" about non-ionizing electromagnetic fields everywhere that today's technologies, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks, television antennas and children's screens, benefit. Bluetooth headsets also work this way. The researchers based their appeal on "scientific publications of various experts in this field".

High frequencies in the ear canal

"The direction of earphones in the ear canal shows the tissues in the head to a relatively high level of high-frequency radiation," said biologist Jerry Phillips of the American journal Medium. "The effects include an increased risk of cancer, cellular stress, genetic damage, changes in the reproductive system, learning disabilities and other neurological disorders, not to mention the negative effects," according to the researchers. On the same human feeling. "

Scientists had launched such a warning in 2015 for the first time, but they have revived it, criticizing inadequate international controls over the management of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields. Including the lack of protection for the population, especially children and pregnant women, which is of concern to many scientists. That is why they call for the establishment of an independent United Nations commission to examine how to protect people from the dangers of radiation.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A Technique That lets you Change the Shape of your Face

Has spread through social networking sites recently, a technique that claims to help change the shape of the face and jaw bones and even teeth, by changing the position of the tongue in the mouth.

The technology, known as Myoing, has been spread by British dentist Mike Myo, who says it helps to get a more specific face thanks to its impact on the jawbone and the chin.

He explained that it helps to modify the teeth twisted inside the mouth, and contribute to the treatment of sleep apnea.

The technique depends on pushing the tongue to the roof of the throat completely, in the sense that you push your tongue from the base up to the tip to the top, with the closure of your mouth, and sticking teeth together.

The technology has been widely deployed on the Internet, as many have applied it and photographed their faces over a period of time, to verify their impact.

Mio said that for good results, the technology should be applied continuously for at least 6 months, and permanently adopted as a lifestyle, pointing out that it is good to keep the mouth closed to push people to breathe more of their noses, " British.

Serious Health Problems Behind Apple Watch

Apple's watch is capable of monitoring heartbeat disorders, which may require greater monitoring of the possibility of a serious heart attack, according to data from a study sponsored by Apple.

The huge study shows the potential role of technology devices in the healthcare sector in the future.

Researchers hope the technology will help in early monitoring of atrial fibrillation, the most common form of heartbeat disorder. The risk of stroke is five times higher than in others.

The results of the largest study to monitor and monitor atrial fibrillation and included more than 400 thousand users for Apple Clock Saturday at the meeting of the American College of Cardiology in New Orleans.

Among the participants, 0.5 percent or about 2,000 participants received notifications of cardiac arrhythmias. EKGs were sent to this group to monitor any atrial fibrillation.

One third of the group was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation after using ECG, the researchers said.

The data showed that about 84 percent of troubled pulse notifications were later confirmed to be associated with atrial fibrillation.

"The doctor can use the information from the study and combine it with his assessment," said Dr. Marco Pérez, a Stanford University medical student and co-author of the study. "Then he makes decisions about what he is doing, where he makes a notification."

The data represents a major boost for Apple as it seeks to enter the world of healthcare. Her new Ceres 4 watch, launched after the start of the study and was not used, has the possibility of a heart scan to monitor any problems and requires a license from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Soon: Integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications

Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said the social networking giant is going to encrypt conversations in more messaging applications in the future, to ensure a high degree of user privacy.

The experts considered Zuckerberg's statement as a hint of a future merger between Facebook's Facebook application and the Facebook Messenger application, a possibility that sparked outrage.

In an article on Facebook, Zuckerberg added that end-to-end encryption in all private communications between users was "the right thing to do."

Earlier, users of Facebook expressed concern that WhatsApp would be integrated with Messenger, which has not yet been provided with encryption.

Zuckerberg warned that Facebook may make changes in some of his plans based on his consultations with security experts this year, according to News 18.

Experts believe that encryption efforts would weaken the ability of authorities that regularly criticize Facebook for its perceived lack of monitoring of content that incites violence and terrorism.

Zuckerberg is pushing for the merger plan, in order to make the services more useful, as well as prolong the time spent by users on these applications.

Internet Inventor Fears for the Future ?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Internet, has called for international action to prevent its "sliding" into the future of its dysfunctional job.

This came in an exclusive interview with the BBC to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the progress of his proposal to create the Internet.

Berners said people realized how their statements could be manipulated after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

But he pointed out that there is a possibility to address data theft, electronic piracy, deception.

In an open letter published Monday, the Internet inventor admitted that many had doubts that the network would continue as a force for good.

He also told the BBC he had concerns about the future of the Internet, saying: "I am very concerned about the damage and misinformation that is spreading."

But he said people were becoming more aware of the risks faced by Web users.

"When the Cambridge command was discovered, people realized that the elections were manipulated using the data they themselves provided," he said.

He also noted that it has been felt for some time that the principles under which an open network operates need to be protected.

He explained, in his open address, that there are three citizens of the "imbalance", which he said is harmful to the Internet are:

Electronic attack activities such as piracy and harassment.
Complex systems such as business patterns that rely on attracting users to access their pages.
Unintended consequences such as hostile and polarized discussions.

He pointed out that the possibility of addressing these problems through new laws and electronic systems that limit bad behavior over the Internet.

He cited an example of the protection measures he referred to as the Internet Decade, which helped launch it late last year.

But such initiatives require the participation of the entire community, from individuals and even senior politicians and businessmen.

"We need open network heroes within governments - groups of civilian officials and elected officials who take action when private sector interests threaten the public good and who rush to protect the open network," the open letter said.

Berners Lee's vision is "idealistic and realistic" at the same time, according to the author of "The Future of the Internet, How to Stop it" by Jonathan Zitrain.

He added that the founder's vision stems from the idea that a free and open network such as the Internet should help empower its users, rather than simply turning them into consumers.

"Tim's open speech was not just published to demand a better network, but it also calls for ourselves to adhere to the principles embodied by this network," he said.

According to Zitrain, these principles include access to the Internet from anywhere in the world and transparency, which means the ability to see and understand how network applications work.

How to Hide Your Personal Notification Messages?

  • Learn How to Hide your personal notification messages.
Here's how to preserve the privacy of text messages on iPhone and Android devices, including blocking the display of notifications on the external screen, and using applications that place passwords on messages.

Prevent notifications from appearing on the external screen (screen lock):

In iPhone devices this feature can be activated by opening setting, Notifications, accessing and clicking messages, entering Show Previews and selecting Never.

  • For Android Follow steps below:

On Android devices, Messages opens and then clicks the three-point mark in the upper-right corner of the screen and from the menu that appears, 

the user selects Settings, Notifications, Advanced, Lock Screen, and then Do not show notifications.

  • Use an application that generate a password:
Neither Android nor IOS provides ways to set passwords to protect messages and here is the solution in the search for third-party applications. While Apple does not allow password programs, Android users only have this feature.

These data security applications launch and cover programs with a screen that requires passwords, PIN code, pattern, fingerprint or face to access messages.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Many benefits of stay away from technology devices for an hour

Scientific studies revealed many benefits of not using electronic devices from computers and smart phones, for an hour a day, both at home and work.

Studies conducted by US researchers have shown that technology obsession and devote most of the time to it even at the time of work leads to many damage to health, happiness and productive capacity, as well as eye strain due to the long look at the screens, as well as stress and depression.

The researchers put pacemaker monitors in some places and found that an increase in heart rate and a rise in stress were seen among those who surf the e-mail messages in the workplace and move between different applications and sites on the Internet at the same time.

"Neuroscientists have made it clear that the human brain is not designed to be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, and that the brain needs time to distinguish any new task it has," said the neuroscientist at San Diego University.

She pointed out that the benefit of a short period cleanse the body of technology toxins, even for an hour a day helps the brain to achieve this goal.

"Our minds are eager for instant gratification by browsing our accounts on WattsApp, Facebook or that e-mail account every 10 minutes," said Mathias Holweig, a university professor of how to manage activities at Oxford University. This is very sadly contrasted with engaging in productive work. "

The study recommended that electronic accounts should be restricted to specific times during the day and that automatic notifications should be placed in the corner of the screen whenever a new message arrives or a set of messages sent automatically to tell reporters that the person is "out of the office" Mail during the day.

Friday, March 1, 2019

How to take screen shot with Iphone X

Taking screenshots is one of the most-used iPhone features, and with new IOS features you can make your screen shot easy.  it’s more useful than ever. But you've always taken a screenshot by pressing the Side button and Home button, and that won’t work on an iPhone X. After all, there is no Home button.

screenshot how to

Fortunately, it’s just as easy on Apple’s new phone. Simply press the Side button and the Volume Up button at the same time. From there, screenshots operate exactly as they do on other iPhones.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Prevent children from using smart devices

Senior health officials in the UK have been advised to ban mobile phones at the dinner table and at bedtime, as part of a drive to deal with electronic devices.

Officials also recommended that children take time away from screen-based activities every two hours.

They said technology companies should take more steps aimed at protecting children from potential damage to electronic devices.

A report on the guidelines coincided with a planned meeting between Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the leaders of the ING website on dealing with self-harming and suicide content.

The links between the suicide of teen Molly Russell and watching the harmful content on the interest. The girl's father said he believed Facebook's Web site, "Entergram," had contributed to the murder of his daughter.

Sally Davies, the UK's chief medical officer, said the incident was "tragic" and it was clear that some children were vulnerable to inappropriate contents.

Sally believes that these companies have a duty to protect children and to set mandatory age limits appropriately for the use of social media. It also advises against leaving children vulnerable to harmful content, one of the main concerns raised by Molly Russell's incident.

However, there had been no clear link between screen-based activities and mental health problems.

Digital technology can be a useful force that helps you learn online and socialize and helps people improve their health.

Senior pediatric consultants said last month parents should not worry too much about using monitors after a research study found there was not enough evidence that the use was harmful in itself.

There are many steps that parents have to take, senior medical officials say, that they can keep children safe and healthy.

These include:

- No use of phones and mobile devices at the dinner table, as family talk is very important

- Take the screens out of the bedroom at bedtime

- Family talk about safety factors on the Internet and electronic bullying, and what children should do if they are concerned

- Not using phones when crossing streets or doing any other activity that requires full focus

- Make sure the children take a break away from the screens every two hours by advancing and showing activity

- Monitor the use of children by organs, and parents should give their children an appropriate amount of attention and allocate appropriate times for family activities, and not assume that their children are happy to trade images on social networking sites

Sally Davis stressed that there is a definite need to launch a code of conduct in this regard.

Sally hopes to see technology companies investing in systems that closely scrutinize user business. A number of platforms already require that users should not be less than 13 years of age, but that is not properly scrutinized, she says.

In their recommendations, medical officials expressed concern about what they called "seductive design," which refers to techniques and tools used to encourage addiction to specific behaviors, including collecting admissions and rewards for those who do certain acts, such as trading specific images.

Sally also wants social networking companies to develop computer algorithms for the better and provide positive content to users.

This is already provided to users who are searching for content related to strictness. Instead of offering content that feeds terrorism, users find content intended to rationalize their attitudes if they are militant.

Sally said the same can be done when users search for content that may trigger "self-harm" or "suicide."

"We look forward to seeing content promoting platforms for support and assistance."

Sally warned that social networking companies were not taking steps, saying ministers could then resort to legislation to force them to take the necessary steps.

"These companies have to arrange their own affairs - to do their duty to protect our children - they have a duty to look after our children, and if they do not, I expect the government to tell them how to do it," Sally said.

The chief medical officer turned to a team of academics to refine the research on the subject.

While research has suggested a link between screen-based activities and negative effects such as increased risk of anxiety and depression, this finding has yet to be confirmed, the academics said.

But what turned out, according to Sally Davies, is that people who had psychological problems showed a tendency to their mobile devices, rather than to their activities, which is the cause of the problems.

Sally stressed that a precautionary approach was needed in this regard, pending further research, to provide advice to parents.

Bernadka Dubica, a professor at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said medical officials were right to be cautious.

"We have not found enough evidence yet to establish a clear link between screen usage and mental health problems, but it is clear that some of the content that young people see on the Internet, such as those that cause loss of appetite, suicide and self-harm, can be very damaging," she said.

Friday, December 28, 2018

How to sign up GMAIL account ?

How to make a gmail account:

You can create your Gmail account using your computer by following these steps: [1] Open the Gmail account creation site in your web browser by visiting 
Clicking Create Account an account in the top-right corner of the page, which in turn will take the user to the first page responsible for creating the account. Enter the first user name, first name, and then the second section of the name, or last name Last name in the custom cells. 
Write the user name for Gmail in the Username field, where you can choose the email address, where this name will appear before the (@ section of the address, and if the username is already used, the user will be asked to choose another name for the mail address. 
Enter the user-preferred password in the Password box at the bottom of the page, and then type the same password again in the Confirm Password box next to the first box, and the password must match the two fields to continue the process.
 Click the blue button at the bottom of the Next page to go to the next step. Add two types of account recovery options to your Gmail profile, although this is optional, for example, you can enter your phone number or other emergency email address in the Recovery email address box at the top of the page. Add a user's birth date by clicking on the drop-down menu, and selecting the month, day, and year respectively. Specify the user gender in the Gender box. Click the blue button at the bottom of the Next page to go to the next step. Scroll down, and then click the Agree option below the Terms of Service list to confirm acceptance of the Terms of Service and sign in to your Gmail account.

Recover your password :
When you forget or lose your password, the user must follow one of the following steps:
 [2] Click on the forgot password option on the main login page, and then the user will be prompted to attach The last password is remembered. 
In this case, with a backup system on the machine, the process will continue. 
If you do not remember the previous password, the user must click the try a different question button to try another question.
 Request a link to the emergency secondary email, which has a 6-digit code, which will allow the user to set up a new password and access the original account again. 
Clicking again on the Try another question button, which follows a less secure approach as in the old accounts, such as security questions for which the user should be able to answer at least one question, such as "What is the maiden's maiden name?"

Gmail services: 
filtering and communication
Most email services provide spam filtering, and Google is very effective in this regard, so Gmail tries to filter ad messages, viruses, and fraud attempts, yet there is no 100% effective filtering, Gimel is an account owner's contact with Google Chat, or currently called Hangout (Hangouts) on the right side of the screen, so that users can see people connected to the Internet, send instant messages, video calls, or make chats to consolidate the relationship.

Storage and Search:
Jemil's popularity has increased because it provides high storage space for the user. Instead of scanning old messages, the user can archive them. Currently, the Gmail storage space is shared with Google Accounts including Google Drive. All of the postal accounts. If more space is required, users can purchase additional storage space, easily search through messages stored in their mail account, and copy conversations with Google as in search of web pages. Or in the trash, for example, the search results are highly relevant to the subject.

How to Sign up with YouTube account?

What is YouTube:
YouTube was created on February 14, 2005, by three employees of PayPal, Chad Hurley, Judd Karim and Steve Chin, a Web site that allows users to download free video clips, watch them live, And share with others, and comment, and the site of the company YouTube in the United States, specifically in California, San Mateo, and in 2006 Google announced the purchase of YouTube for the amount of 1.65 billion US dollars, or 1.31 billion euros, YouTube is one of the most famous and most visited sites on the Internet .

How to create an account on youtube:

Open the Internet browser, enter the YouTube site, and click on Sign in.
Click the Create Account button, usually on the last page. 
full out all the requirement for personal access, first name, last name, and choose a name to become our mail. 
Then, type the password in the first box and rewrite it in the second box. 
After finish writing the date of birth, then, you choose sex. 
Next your put mobile number and e-mail. 
full out the letters and numbers in the capture. 
I agree to the Terms of Service.

How to upload a video on youtube:

Click the download button at the top of the page. 
Go to the Videos page. 
Click on the existing arrow, and select the video you want to upload.
We select the thumbnail and click the Save changes button.

How to create a channel Play in YouTube:
Click on the Video Manager icon, usually at the top of the page, and automatically we will see a list of the videos uploaded to the channel. We put the correct signal in the box. We click on the word playlists, and will automatically show our window. From the window, choose our menu name. Click on Create Playlist.

How to delete a video from youtube:

Log in to the YouTube site. Click on our name on the site. From the menu, choose Video Manager or Video Manager. We put a correct signal next to the video to be deleted. Click the Actions button, or Actions, usually at the top of the list of existing videos. We choose Delete, or DeleteK.