Thursday, May 9, 2019

Health Benefits Of Whiskey

  • Helps Weight loss.
  • Treats Fever.
  • Treats Depression.
  • Help reducing diabetes.
  • Lower risk of dementia.
  • Prevent Cancer
Notice: Drinking too much of  Whiskey will have effects to your health. these benefits of  Whiskey can be good only for drinking ones awhile. Here are some health issue Whiskey can cause:

  • Drinking Addiction effects.
  • liver.
  • Nerve Issue.
  • Cardiovascular.
  • Ulcers.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Dates fruit Benefit Health

Best dates fruit, they are too many type of dates but one of most  popular dates is Medina, sugary dates of course others which is characterized by its wonderful taste and its multiple benefits.

 When you visit the city you will find the palm trees surrounded by a symphony of green, which resembles the dome of the Prophet's Mosque. 

The city was known as the "Valley of the Nakhl between the Two Freedoms" and the abundance of palm trees. 

The city has more than 70 types of dates, and this date is what gave the city a blessing and a special whiff where he mentioned in the biography of the Prophet (Quran).

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

There are many foods that help greatly in cases of high blood pressure and work to reduce, and even restore to normal.

It is known that high blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks and thus death, called the "silent killer."

It is therefore necessary for people with high blood pressure to take steps to reduce their levels of pressure, according to Sky News.

One of these steps to know some foods and foods that will restore pressure to normal levels:

1. Garlic
Garlic contains the natural antibiotic "Alison", which has been medically linked to improved blood pressure significantly.

Nutrition experts advise that raw garlic is consumed with olive oil and lemon juice.

2. Red beet (beet)

Red beets or beets contain nitrates that dilate and dilate blood vessels, reducing blood pressure.

Beet juice mixed with carrots, oranges and ginger is recommended, and it can be mixed with vegetable salad.

3. Pomegranate

Pomegranate has many benefits that help in the decomposition and prevention of the formation of plaque in the veins and arteries, which helps improve heart health in general.

Nutritionists are also advised to mix pomegranate cakes with natural yogurt and drink a small cup of pomegranate juice daily without adding sugar.

4. Foods containing magnesium

Muscle needs magnesium to expand after contraction, and may help with protection against blood pressure.

Magnesium can be obtained from leafy vegetables such as spinach, small cabbage or grains such as quinoa, brown rice, nuts and seeds.

5. Foods containing fiber

These foods include porridge, barley soup, nuts, fruits and vegetables, all of which are good sources of fiber, which help lower blood pressure levels, as well as help the digestive system to perform its functions.

Celery helps in particular in the expansion of blood vessels, and helps oats reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Caffeine may have a positive effect before exercising

A review of previous research revealed that caffeine intake before exercise may improve the performance of a wide range of exercises.

Caffeine, in particular, can enhance speed, energy, strength and endurance, the researchers wrote in the journal Sports Medicine.

"Supplements containing caffeine are very common among athletes and a 2011 study found that about 75 percent of urine samples of athletes participating in the Olympic Games have high levels," said Jozo Gergek, a research leader at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. Of caffeine. "

In 2004, caffeine was removed from the WADA list as a banned substance during the competition.

"Since then, caffeine intake has increased among athletes and there is no sign that it is declining," Gergic told Reuters by e-mail.

He and his colleagues reviewed the results of previous reviews that analyzed several studies on caffeine and athletic performance.

They found that caffeine boosted muscle strength, strength, jumping performance and fast exercise.

"As a general rule, eating two cups of coffee about 60 minutes before the start of the exercise has a strong effect on most individuals," he added.

Friday, April 12, 2019

5 Factors that negatively affect the health of the liver

The liver is one of the most vital organs in the human body, as it performs indispensable functions, the most important is to rid the body of toxins.

There are different factors that may negatively affect the work of the liver, the most important:

1. Alcohol:

Everyone knows that alcohol is the enemy of the liver, because it causes significant damage regardless of the amount that the person is eating.

When toxic substances reach the blood, the liver works slowly and with additional mechanisms to filter and neutralize the ethanol, which causes liver dysfunction.

2 . Unhealthy food:

Nutrition affects everything in the body in practice, including liver function, so food must be carefully chosen.

For example, in order for nutrients not to affect liver function, they should not be greasy or too salty, because fatty food causes food exchange disorder and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and also interferes with the flow of bile, leading to stagnation and then developing into biliary duct inflammation or Be gravel.

3. Dioxin, mercury and lead compounds:

These substances pose a serious risk to the liver. Dioxins are substances containing chlorine.

The mercury and lead compounds that normally enter the body with water and food, or with air saturated with exhaust gases, also negatively affect the liver.

4. Drugs and drugs:

Some drugs adversely affect the liver, including pain killers and heat reducers, to name a few.

5. Overweight:

Obesity and overweight are negative factors in the liver, because fat accumulation affects the condition of internal organs.

The liver produces cholesterol and yellow matter without which fat can not be digested.

Breathing out of the nose is more healthy than the mouth

Have you ever wondered if it is better to breathe from the nose or from the mouth? Or do you assume that it is okay? From a medical point of view, there is a difference. The nose is more healthy than the mouth.

This is because the nose ensures that any air entering the body is as warm, clean and moist as possible. Most people tend to breathe more deeply through their noses, which is generally better.

It is also true when exhaling. In the case of exhale from the nose, you are likely to get rid of more air waste.

This information is especially important for people with respiratory problems such as asthma or chronic bronchitis.

  • Watch Video : The correct way to breathe.

How does your walk affect your Health?

Researchers are studying the impact of how people walk on physical and mental health, with a focus on how to change our walk to reduce the risk of knee arthritis.

Cathy Holt, a professor of biomechanics and orthopedic engineering at Cardiff University, has studied the different ways of walking and their impact on health.

Holt believes that training people to change their middle-aged gait can save them from decades of pain and avoid the need for knee surgery later.

Walking with the knees apart, or vice versa, can double the pressure, the researchers said.

"The way people walk may be affected by a small injury, such as cartilage rupture or deformity," says Professor Holt, an official spokeswoman for the Arthritis Society.

In the right knees, cartilage and joint bone remain in constant contact, with cartilage directing the bones to release new cells that renew tissue to compensate for corrosion.

Holt explained that excessive pressure on the knees, contributes to the change of signals between the tissues and respond poorly. The system also produces a cellular disorder that causes inflammation, and the pain of traditional arthritis.

Other studies have focused on changing the way you walk to relieve arthritis pain. For example, in 2013, a professor of mechanical engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, of 10 people with arthritis in the knee, asked to walk in a vicious circle while wearing observation equipment to provide observations on the routes.

Participants learned how to change pressure while walking, to the optimal parts of the knee joints.

After training, patients were told that their pain had decreased by about a third and their walking ability had improved by a similar amount.

Previous studies have shown that changing walking patterns may also help prevent depression, with a strong link between poor walking ability and subsequent depression.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

How Can I Quit Smoking - PDF File Guideline

  • Make a plan to quit smoking:

A plan to facilitate smoking cessation can contribute to the promotion of concentration, confidence and motivation to quit smoking. A special plan for quitting smoking or a suitable smoking cessation program can be developed, and no single smoking cessation approach is available for everyone; There are many ways in which a person may not be aware of any appropriate method, taking into consideration that the individual is honest with his or her needs. Examples of these methods include:

Behavioral Therapy: this method relies on working with an advisor to find appropriate ways to prevent smoking, identify the things that stimulate the desire to smoke, and work out a plan to overcome them.

Nicotine replacement therapy: Many nicotine substitutes, such as nicotine gum, labels, inhalers, aerosols, and others, work by giving an individual nicotine without tobacco use. This is an effective way to use it with behavioral therapy and support from friends and family. 

Medications: Many medications prescribed by doctors are available, such as bupropion and varenicline, which help overcome smoking cravings and overcome symptoms of smoking cessation.

Staying busy Staying busy is one of the best ways to quit smoking. The concern is to keep the mind away from smoking and to smoke. Exercise, walking, chewing gum, drinking water, watching movies and accompanying non-smokers are among the most important activities. Contribute to stay busy.

Remind yourself of the benefits of quit smoking:
It is advisable to write or say the advantages of smoking, including these advantages

  • Improve health, and feel better.
  • Avoid exposing others to passive smoking.
  • Saving Money.

Other ways to quit smoking:
There are many strategies that contribute to smoking cessation, including:

  • Determine a specific date to quit smoking, by selecting a particular day and telling friends and family, and thinking of this day as a day of separation between life as a smoker and life as a non-smoker.
  • Throw cigarettes and get rid of lighters and ashtrays.
  • Wash clothes to get rid of cigarette smell.
Here is PDF file you can download :

Monday, April 1, 2019

Bacteria in Yogurt..

Scientists warned that good intestinal bacteria in probiotic yogurt, can develop in the stomach and become harmful.

Although these bacteria are known to be useful to our digestive system, which leads to improvement of our health, but a new study in mice, it was found that bacteria in probiotics, devoured the protective layer of rodent intestines, raising the risk of irritable bowel syndrome.

Researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine studied bacteria known as E. coli Nissle 1917 ", which was used to treat diarrhea for a long time, especially in children, after discovering more than 100 years ago.

The researchers presented rats to different intestinal microbes, healthy and unhealthy, with a completely free microbial group.

Experimental rats fed probiotics and various diets, including fats, sugars and fiber-rich diets. After 5 weeks, the researchers studied the bacteria in the gut of the mice and analyzed the DNA of the microbes.

Probiotic-exposed health mice have not seen much change in their intestines; the bacterial component can grow and develop in the unhealthy intestine.

The results suggest that probiotics can be beneficial to someone, and harmful to another.

Soup improves the condition of diabetics and lowers their weight

Researchers at the University of Toronto have announced that turning diabetics into liquid foods (soup) will help them reduce their weight and high blood pressure and improve their health.

In a report published in the journal Diabetes Care, the University's experts confirm that the health status of diabetics will improve significantly when they turn to liquid foods containing the same percentage and quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, and other useful substances found in traditional solid foods.

"Switching to liquid foods will help diabetics lose 2.4 kg of excess weight within six months, as well as eliminate high blood pressure and digestive problems," the researchers say.

According to them, liquid foods help to significantly reduce the amount of calories in the diet of a diabetic patient, without feeling hungry, and thus reduce weight.

The researcher Dr. John Sevenbayber points out that many studies and research have proven effective weight reduction in the treatment of diabetes, especially the second type.

 At the same time, obesity has caused an increase in the number of deaths among people with diabetes, increasing their health problems and greatly affecting their condition.

How to Get rid of white hair with potato water

If you ask yourself how you can get rid of white hair today, a quick way using potato peelers to treat white hair.
White hair appears at a certain age, Some people may appear in their early twenties and while the vast majority have white hair Many women use hair dyes to cover white hair, but these pigments contain chemicals that may damage hair and scalp, so it is better to use natural methods to cover white hair.Of these natural ingredients is the potato peel.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sleep Apnea is Associated with Memory Problems

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The ability to remember sites and trends may be affected with deep sleep due to apnea, according to a new study.

In the study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers found that people who suffer from sleep apnea have a worse memory for spatial memory tests if they sleep without their breathing aid than those who use breathing aid in the evening , According to «Reuters».

"There is some evidence in animal models suggesting that dreaming during sleep is important for spatial memory but no one has shown it or proven it," said Dr. Andrew Varga, who led the study from NYU Langon Medical Center in New York City.

Spatial memory, for example, helps people remember how to access their children's schools or where they left their keys.

Farga believes that people may find it difficult to create new spatial memory if they experience deep, non-deep sleep.

People with sleep apnea, 18 million Americans according to the National Sleep Foundation, suffer from frequent breathing stops that may last from seconds to minutes. As a result, people with breathing disorders often wake up and are tired.

Diabetes medication protects against chronic neurological diseases

Who thought that diabetes medication could be a protection against the risk of mental illness? According to a study they conducted at the University of Southern California.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

9 Mistakes We Make in Shower

Hair washing may seem like an easy process to apply daily, but do you know that there are some mistakes you make when washing hair without your knowledge reflected negatively on its health and appearance?

Find out the following 9 of these errors, and try to avoid them to keep your hair full of vitality.

1. Choosing the wrong shampoo
Choosing the right shampoo can increase dry and oily hair problems, and can make normal hair fat or dry. Therefore, experts emphasize the need to determine the type of hair and then choose the shampoo that suits him.

It is also recommended to use a fine shampoo and rich proteins on hair thin, and shampoo rich in moisturizing elements and soft on the thick hair as it controls the curls and make it easy to layoff.

The shampoo of dyed hair usually goes to the hair that is subject to frequent coloring, and hair needs tired to shampoo types dedicated to hair loss.

2 - not to lay off hair before washing
It is necessary to lay the hair well before washing to rid it of the residues of lotions and dust accumulated on it. This will also help to prevent it from being tangled and broken during and after washing.

3. Wash it incorrectly
It is necessary to wash the hair from the top of the head towards the limbs. Some may apply shampoo directly to the roots and then pour water on it, and add more shampoo along the hair.

But this method is wrong. Shampoo should be applied after mixing it with water on the scalp only and massage it well from the roots towards the sides without adding the shampoo of the new, especially as the hair is usually more dirty at the roots and drier at the extremities.

This method helps to clean the roots and moisturize the limbs at the same time.

4 - lifting hair while washing
Raising hair to the top of the head while washing it leads to a tangle. Leave the hair falling on the shoulders while washing, which will help to prevent the opening of the diaphragm and contribute to the preservation of the softness and softness.

5. Use shampoo containing harsh chemical ingredients
Of the harsh ingredients available in shampoo types, experts mention Sodium Laurylsulfate, chemical perfumes, ammonia, and dry water.

They are all chemical components harmful to the scalp and harsh on the hair, as it causes the bomb and the color of the color if it is dyed.

6- Using a large quantity of conditioner
Excessive use of conditioner harms hair more than it does. It is recommended that the experts apply this preparation from the ends of the hair roots, to be stopped before reaching the roots in the case of fatty or normal hair can be delivered to the roots in the case of dry hair and thick as it needs additional nutrition.

7. Wash hair too much
The ideal pace for washing hair is similar to that. Fatty hair can be washed daily as well as a dry shampoo that helps absorb sebum secretions and gives some vitality to the hair.

Normal hair is enough to wash twice a week, while dry and damaged hair can be washed once a week.

8- Over-the-counter treatments for hair in the beauty salon
These treatments go to damaged hair, very dry, and loss of vitality.

It is performed in the beauty salon, but it is advised not to overuse it so as not to overload the hair.

Suffice it to undergo similar treatment once a month until the hair regains its normal vitality.

9 - Adoption of the wrong habits
Dry hair and shampoo need to be used for 10 minutes before washing with shampoo, which helps to nourish it in depth and then clean it without leaving any substances that may cause it to be overloaded.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The list of Most Smokers Arab Countries

The Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Center Dr. Assem Mansour that Jordan ranks the first Arab and third globally in terms of rates of smokers.

"These shocking facts dictate the dire consequences of tobacco addiction, the threat of various age groups and public health, and the depletion of the state treasury in the treatment of people with smoking-related illnesses," Mansour said on Sunday.

At the opening of the program, which was attended by representatives of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Qatar, Oman and Morocco, the Center is keen to combat tobacco addiction linked to cancer, heart disease and chronic diseases.

He stressed the importance of tackling this health disaster that threatens the society in all its forms and emphasizing the educational role in educating students and youth about the importance of avoiding tobacco in all its forms.

Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, Chief Cancer Officer, said that this program is a cornerstone for all medical specialties to control the steady increase in noncommunicable diseases and its complications.

He stressed that training health care providers on the latest technologies to treat tobacco addiction would ensure the best results in stopping tobacco use.

The training program focuses on building the capacity to provide tobacco addiction treatment by taking advantage of a combination of learning techniques such as practical exercises and case studies provided by a specialized team from the Office of Cancer Control.

5 Warning Signs that You Must see a Doctor

Doctors advised people with back pain to see a doctor immediately if they felt five symptoms, indicating that symptoms may be indicative of signs of a particular disease, especially those who sit on their offices for a long time.

The first of these symptoms, according to the site "Tipps & Trix," is suffering from problems in maintaining balance because of back pain, and this happens a lot for older women, and may be a sign of osteoporosis, in this case the body needs a natural treatment to learn how to maintain weight .

The second symptom is the pain of the back that extends across the buttocks to the leg or feet, it indicates a neurological problem may disappear on its own, but if you continue to consult your doctor, may need a surgery or just enough massage and physical therapy to strengthen the muscles back And abdomen.

If you are walking down the stairs due to back pain, it is a sign that you may be permanently damaged and may be limping for the rest of your life. See your doctor immediately.

The doctors said that people who suffer from pain in the bladder and intestines beside the back pain, it may be a sign of the incidence of the syndrome "Cuda Equina", and here is not advised to delay the consultation with the doctor.

The person may not suffer from back pain but feels pain in the whole body, which is the presence of fever, chills and night sweats. This can be normal and occurs because of the body's reaction to something, but it may also be a symptom of cancer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

'' Doctor '' Sleep is better than sports for weight loss

It turns out that getting enough sleep, ranging from 7 to 8 hours per night, can be better than going to gyms especially when it comes to losing weight.

"While we all live a busy life, I often ask if waking up an hour before going to work, doing exercise is a good idea," said Dr. Gay Meadows, co-founder of the Sleep College. No".

"From my point of view, exercise is really important to maintain fitness, but never interfere with sleep.

Quite the contrary, if you are pursuing fitness goals, getting enough good sleep must be an essential part of your training plan. "

"The amount of sleep we need can vary from person to person, but overall we need to get 8 hours of sleep to feel all day long," Dr. Meadows said.

"If the goal of going to the gym is to lose weight, getting enough sleep can be the solution as well.

Sleep is necessary to regulate appetite hormones, ghrelin and leptin, which are responsible for controlling hunger and fullness.

After a poor night's sleep, our appetite for food can increase by up to 45 percent, which explains why people eat 300 calories an average per day, according to other research, which found that individuals who slept less than 8 hours on average , They have high body fat.

In addition, Meadows explained how getting adequate sleep is beneficial for the brain and heart and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Eating more than 3 eggs a week will cause health damage

A recent study found that eating more than 3 eggs per week increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, leading to a heart attack or stroke.

The British Heart Foundation advised in 2007 to be satisfied with three eggs per week, while healthyating stressed that excessive consumption of eggs caused health damage, while the study revealed that consumption of 300 grams of additional cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease by 3.2% .

It is known that one egg contains 186 milligrams of cholesterol, while the study found that the consumption of half an egg per day increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 1.1%, and high risk of premature death by 1.9%.

Summary of the findings of the researchers in this regard:

- Eggs contain a high proportion of calories, fat and cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Excessive intake of eggs contributes to weight gain and fat accumulation, because it contains a high calorie content.

- Egg works to raise body fat and then increases the risk of diabetes.

The main cause of fatal heart disease

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry in Germany have found that air pollution can be considered the major factor in the death of people today.

The researchers found that air pollution is the most serious threat to people's lives and that the resulting diseases annually kill 8.8 million people.

"According to the World Health Organization, the death toll from smoking is 7.2 million people per year, which means that current air pollution is a serious risk to people's lives," scientists say in an article in the European Heart Journal.

According to the researchers, air pollution causes Europe's average life expectancy to fall by two years. Previous studies have shown that as a result of air pollution, more than 300,000 Europeans die. This figure is currently 790 thousand people annually.

The researchers confirm that air pollution affects even the health of unborn babies. It affects mainly the aorta and umbilical cord vein, which undermines the cardiovascular condition of the fetus and later is reflected in its size.

It should be noted that the impact of polluted air in the body caused by solid minutes diameter of about 2.5 microns. The concentration of these solid minutes allowed in Europe is 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air. While the World Health Organization allows the concentration of 10 micrograms per cubic meter.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

What is the ratio of natural Cholesterol?

Most people wonder about the proportion of natural cholesterol, but there is no specific answer to it.

Over time, the human body begins to produce more cholesterol, which means that adults have to check their cholesterol level constantly, and it is recommended that this be done in every 4-6 years.
  • Cholesterol is measured and measured for three groups, which are as follows:
Total cholesterol
Bad cholesterol (LDL)
Good cholesterol (HDL).
This means that the human must maintain the level of total cholesterol and bad low, or that the level of good is higher.
  • Natural cholesterol:
In general, children are not considered to be at high risk of developing high cholesterol. However, it is recommended to check their levels once or twice until they reach the age of 18.

However, if the child has high risk of high cholesterol, it is necessary to monitor these levels regularly.

Men are more likely to have higher cholesterol levels than women, while they are in the risk group after they become desperate.
  • Tips To Keep Your Natural Cholesterol:
Here are the following tips that will help you maintain a normal ratio of cholesterol:

Regular and regular examination of cholesterol levels
Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits
Exercise regularly
Quit Smoking
Maintain healthy weight and normal.
  • Method recommended by doctors:
Remember to divided Total Cholesterol by your HDL cholesterol. 
  • When should I consult a doctor?
In general, it is important that you consult your doctor to undergo a cholesterol test if you have a family history of the disease, or if you are overweight or obese.

It should be noted that high cholesterol is not usually associated with any distinctive symptoms, so it is necessary to undergo regular examination for detection.