Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How do the dead people know their going to die?

A new study reveals that a person realizes the fact of his death, because the brain continues to work for moments and tells us what is happening around us.

A group of medical experts tried to solve the mystery of what happens when humans die, with clues about bright lights and flashes, reported by people who "returned" from instantaneous death.

However, a new study indicates that consciousness continues to function after heart failure and the failure of body movements, which means that the person is trapped primarily in his dead body, while the mind continues to work, even for a short time only.

The study revealed that survivors of heart attack were aware of what was going on around them during their "death" before being sent back to life.

Dr. Sam Barnier, who studies post-mortem awareness and examines heart attacks in Europe and America, said people during the first stage of death could experience some form of awareness.

"Patients with heart attack describe the full conversations of doctors and nurses, and the visual events surrounding them."

Parnia's study included what happens to the brain after a person has had a heart attack, whether consciousness continues after death and how long, to improve the quality of recovery and prevent brain injury, while restoring life to the heart.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Millions of textbooks destroyed during fighting in the Libyan capital

By Nidal al-Mughrabi GAZA (Reuters) - More than 3 million books were completely damaged when missiles hit the Education Ministry buildings during fighting between rival government forces to control the Libyan capital Tripoli, officials and the United Nations said on Monday.

About two weeks ago, the forces of eastern Libya (the Libyan National Army) allied with a parallel government began making progress towards Tripoli, which is controlled by the internationally recognized government, deepening the chaos in Libya since the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The fighting front has seen little change for days as armed groups supporting the UN-backed government in the western Libyan capital have repelled the attack.

But air strikes and bombardments hit civilian infrastructure and homes, especially in the south of the capital, where eastern Liba forces are trying to penetrate government defenses.

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) stated that the targeting of civilian facilities was a violation of international humanitarian law.

"The bombing of schools, hospitals, ambulances and civilian areas is strictly prohibited," the UN mission warned in Libya, adding that it was documenting such cases for submission to the UN Security Council.

Officials in Tripoli said a school was hit on Sunday by an air strike blamed on eastern Libya.

A Tripoli government official told Reuters two missiles also hit the Ministry of Education's warehouses late on Sunday, destroying 3.1 million textbooks.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a press release that the destruction had resulted in five million books and the results of examinations.

In another incident, Reuters reporters on Monday filmed a residential building in southern Tripoli that was hit by at least one missile. Some families were at home during the strike but survived unharmed with the exception of minor wounds.

Baby shoes, bread and rocket residues were on the floor of the destroyed house. There was no damage to one of the children's rooms.

The two sides share responsibility for bombing residential areas.

The UN refugee agency said the fighting had displaced more than 18,000 people, including 2,500 in the past 24 hours.

Nearly 150 people, most of them fighters, died and more than 600 people were wounded, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

The surprise attack by the eastern forces of Libya led by Khalifa Hafer led to the postponement of a national conference that the United Nations had prepared for him long before the forces of eastern Libya. The conference was due to bring together the two rival sides to agree on a plan for elections and end the unrest.

No new date has been set, with no sign of ending the fighting.

He has always said that his mission is to restore order to the country.

Tips for students before Taking Exam

This article for all students, you have reached the end of the academic year in which the achievement of your scientific throughout year for final tests, so Student start to panic of the that week. here's some tips can help you to get ready before your exam.

  • Test instructions:

1. Choose a quiet place to study.
2 - Prepare a special table to review all material for a serious review.
3 - Determine what you want to remember well.
4 - Determine the time you will spend in the study, and do not be excessive in the number of hours of study.
5 - Put lines below or high mark the important points in the lesson.
6 - Ask yourself questions, and answer them, so as not to lose your focus.
7 - Prepare a summary of the most important points in the lesson in your own way.
8 - Do not drink beverages that contain stimulants such as tea, coffee and soft drinks, because with time you will not be able to focus without them.
9. Rest yourself five minutes whenever you feel a loss of concentration.
10 - Avoid sleep, it exhausts the body and lose focus.
11. Do not think or try to cheat during exams.

  • Important things to know before your exam:

1 - not to spend the night of the test, it is a stress of thought, exhaustion of the body, so you have to sleep early and wake up to the morning prayers and review the test material.

2 - processing the tools required by the test.

3 - Go to the test room at least fifteen minutes before the start of the test to adapt to the atmosphere, and eliminate the dread of the test.

4 - Once you take the test paper, take a deep breath and take it out slowly then, start write anything you know questions, to call the analytical mind stored by the information that I remember. When you get nervous, you call the emotional mind that does not contain any information. That's why we often forget everything we remember. Once we get out we remember everything, but it's too late.

5. Read the test questions very well and do not forget that some questions are more than partial.

6. If you do not know the answer to a difficult question, leave it until you answer the other easy questions, and then count it again so that you do not waste your time answering the question.

7. Be careful to observe the time of the test, so that you answer the questions and also decline the answer.

8 - After handing the answer sheet to the observer, leave the room quietly, and do not discuss with your colleagues - especially between the test rooms - you may find errors that make you feel upset and tense.

Good Luck 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to deal with the elderly

  • Ask Questions:

Older people need to feel important and respect and can satisfy that need by asking them questions. For example, a question can be asked (do you want to eat lunch now) instead of bringing food soup to him and forcing him to eat because it gives them a sense of control On the environment in which they live. 

In general, it is not necessary to wait for the answer of those who suffer from diseases and physical and mental impairment because the goal is to feel that they are part of the decision-making process and have the ability to control one aspect of their lives.

  • Use ( I )instead of ( you ):

Studies and research have shown that older people do not respond to something if they feel compelled to do so. Generally speaking, this is manifested in the dominant language, which includes words that contain the words "must" and "you." (Eg, you must exercise today) , You need to quit your soup), leading to behavioral problems in older people, such as arguing with those around them, avoiding the act or abstaining from it, so it is advisable to use (I) or (we) say (I will help you practice Aerobics), or (we need some fresh air in the room).

  • Spend time with them:

You have to spend time with the elderly, because everyone needs to communicate with others, social visits, lunch, drink a morning coffee, or watch a radio or television show.

  • Other ways to deal with older people:
Counseling: Sometimes the ideal solution for dealing with older people is to cope with situations, visit a doctor, or consult with caregivers for older people to live with them. It is necessary to pay attention to the time and how a person feels frustrated by the behavior of his parents until he acts rationally , And less likely to be angry.

Activity and communication: Some simple activities can be done, such as listening to music, cooking, watching TV, or walking. If dementia does not exist, listen to them and ask about their needs and fears.

A study published by the University of California at Davis found that dementia destroys brain tissue and weakens the memory of older people, resulting in an inability to show gratitude, affection for others, or keeping beautiful memories with them. Unable to remember the phone conversation between them yesterday.

A revolutionary study reveals a shocking truth about the origin of life on Earth!

The common theory about the beginning of cellular life could turn upside down after US researchers in a new study claimed that "RNA" and "DNA" were originally found together.

The results contrast with a widely accepted theory called "RNA World," which assumes that the cellular life forms we know evolved first from "RNA".

"The new findings suggest that it may not be reasonable for chemists to be strongly guided by the RNA World hypothesis in verifying the origins of life on earth," said Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy, co-researcher of chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute.

In the theory of the world of RNA, first proposed in 1968, the molecule acted as the first sign of cellular life, and later evolved into DNA through its interaction with enzymes.

However, researchers have identified a new compound theory that exists during the origin of life, called theoridine.

The researchers believe that through reasonable chemical reactions, theuridin may be converted to either "DNA" or "RNA".

The study suggests the possibility of combining the building blocks of cellular life together to create the first genes ever, separated by their strengths and weaknesses as seen in cells today.

While the "RNA World" theory has gained momentum over the past half century, scientists have continued to discuss the theory of how life began on Earth originally.

In some theories, life evolved from simple proteins that also act as enzymes, with "RNA" and "DNA" followed. Other theories have suggested a hypothesis that fats formed the basis of cellular life.

Scientists say studies of the origins of life can affect everything from our basic understanding of medicine to the human body to chemistry and technology.

The advanced study was published in Nature Chemistry.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Phenomenon of Dog Suicide from a bridge in Scotland..

A US chaplain has interpreted the puzzle of animal suicide in general and dogs in particular by jumping from the Overton Bridge in Padambarton, Scotland, since the 1950s.

According to the "Bob Hill," according to the newspaper "The New York Times," that animals resort to jump over the bridge back to the smells located under or below the bridge.

Hill, a Texas native who has moved to the area with his wife for 20 years, said that dogs smelled of fur, pine clusters or other mammalian odors, and rushed to jump to catch the smell or source.

The Reverend Hill's interpretation of the suicide of about 600 animals, including at least 50 suicide dogs, has led others to believe that the "monsters" are responsible for the suicides of the animals over the Overton Bridge.

"The sight of dogs, their ability to smell and their ignorance, drives animals to jump off the bridge. The smells under the bridge are the main reason why dogs jumped off the bridge," said Rev. David Sands.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Your Birth Month Defines You Learn More..

  • Your personality from the month of your birth
Analyze your personality from your birthday. You can know everything about your character and personality from your birthdays. It is always noted that the newborns of each particular month correspond to some personal traits similar to them.

Many of us are interested in the science of horoscopes and astrology in an attempt to determine their future or know what their horoscope holds of their fortunes, but why rely on pseudo-sciences such as astrology while the exact scientific research is published Through this article we will identify the personality traits of each tower according to scientific research.

How to Get rid of white hair with potato water

If you ask yourself how you can get rid of white hair today, a quick way using potato peelers to treat white hair.
White hair appears at a certain age, Some people may appear in their early twenties and while the vast majority have white hair Many women use hair dyes to cover white hair, but these pigments contain chemicals that may damage hair and scalp, so it is better to use natural methods to cover white hair.Of these natural ingredients is the potato peel.

Shoes for sale at $17 million in Dubai

Dubai is currently selling $ 17 million gold, leather, silk and diamond shoes at the Burj Al Arab hotel, which is considered the most expensive in the world, according to its designers.

The designer of the high-heeled shoes at Jada Dubai, Maria Magari, explained that it was handmade in Italy, with 236 pieces of diamonds in addition to two pieces of pure transparent diamonds.

"Dubai is the city of the rich and has a good market for these products in the Gulf region," said Hemant Karamshandi, chief executive of Pashin Jeweler. "Dubai is one of the world's major tourist destinations and last year 16 million people visited it.