Saturday, April 6, 2019

Snape Chat Ready to Launch an Online Gaming..

Snape Chat announced that it is attracting more users to its application by launching an online gaming platform.

Snape Chat has announced that it will launch a multi-player gaming platform, noting that its first game will be called Bitmugi Party and plans to showcase more games in collaboration with developers.

The move comes in line with other technology companies' efforts to highlight the link between social networking and the gaming industry.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Best Apps To Send Money

Nowadays, people have increased their purchases on payment cards of various types, and in turn have used paper money, and some have turned to electronic applications.

There are many applications that help to transfer money to individuals in fast and secure ways, and some social networking platforms have integrated payment systems within their services.

The "Make Use of" site shows a collection of the most popular mobile device applications, including Google PayPal, PayPal and WinMemo.

Cash App: 
  • Formerly known as Square Cash, a fast, email-enabled e-mail application running on Android and Apple devices.

  • One of the most popular applications in money transfer among individuals, its ease of use is notable and works on Android and Apple devices.

Facebook Messenger Payments:
  • The social networking giant allows money transfer via Facebook Messenger and enables users to also send money directly to friends without fees.

Gmail and Google Pay:
  • The application is characterized by the proliferation of Google services in the Internet. In Gmail, the user can send a mail message to anyone with a payment request. Make Use of Transfers and debit cards are free.

Despite some criticism, PayPal remains a popular choice for many users, and the company has introduced a new application design that is easy to use.

Apple Pay Cash:
  • ApplePay Cash is one of the best online payment applications but is available only for Apple users.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

An error could lock you out from WhatsApp!

WhatsApp recently announced a set of actions to be taken to prevent spam and spam messages.

The company responsible said WhatsApp automated learning system is very advanced, as it can now block 20 percent of problematic accounts at the time of registration, thus eliminating any type of spam or disinformation.

The company has been able to identify new ways for WhatsApp users to abuse the platform, such as the ability to run multiple accounts on the same computer, which is then used to send spam or counterfeit news.

According to press reports, the application blocks about 2 million accounts per month.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Download Apple Store

Download Apple Store App:
The Apple Store is a virtual program that comes with Apple (iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch - Mac) and it lets you simply choose the right application for you and then download it, and watch your series or your favorite movie contains the store on more than 300 thousand applications offered by different developers and designers, and allows the store to you to submit your own program or game for the company to retain 30% of the profits of the sale earned, and of course you will need to register at the store and email you and your password so that you can download programs, whether free Or driven as follows.

The Father Store.
First: When you enter to download one of the amazing applications in the Father Store there are free programs, and other pay click on the App store and according to the speed of the Internet will respond to you applications enter an application and you will notice 3 buttons selected
(sign in) and you will see two options, the first (Use Existing Account), which means entering a pre-registered account and the second Create new Account, which means the registration of a new account and therefore we will resort to the second choice if we will be a new participant, but the registration is a per-account will appear there are two fields first Place the e-mail account The Father Store and the second column are the password and OK

once you access, we go to the search box and write Free until all free programs appear or write the name of the application you want to upload directly. After selecting the appropriate program click on the image of the program to go to the page of the program or direct download Click the Free button and then you will see another statement (Install App) turns the button to green Click on it and then close the App store program and show the program icon to download, Download and enjoy the program. It is natural that when adding or modifying its content needs to update and the update is very simple in the applications of the Father Stor, which is the pressure on (update all) and this update fixes the bugs and complete the other information missing from the installation of previous applications. Some information you need in the world of Apple You may notice that there is a (+) mark on some applications, which means that it has a compatible version with other electronic devices (iPad and iPhone) If you buy any paid application and then delete it by mistake, Download it again for free. - If you download the application (free) and then become (paid), you can delete and download the application at any time you want and without charge, because the store, in this case, will be considered equal to who bought the application.

Download java software

Download java software:
To download the JAVA software on a Windows PC, follow these steps:
[1] Go to website by clicking below and then following WQQI steps: 
(Click here ). Scroll the screen bar down to the Java SE 8u161 tab, then click the DOWNLOAD button next to JDK 8u161.
Accept the Java license agreement, by clicking the: Accept License Agreement.
Choose the appropriate version of the user's operating system from the list of different versions of Java according to the operating system in the computer.
Install the downloaded file on the computer. Right-click on the My computer icon, then Properties.
Click on Advanced system settings, and then choose Environment Variables from the visible screen.
Click the New button in the Edit environment variable menu, click the Browse button, then go to the Java installation location in the system files, and then click the OK button.

Java software language:
Java Applications Java is used in nearly 3 billion devices around the world
Phone apps and Android. Scientific applications.
Applications of embedded systems. Internet applications such as electronic commerce and others.
Applications related to the user interface. Server applications.

Information about java:

Is a programming language owned by Oracle and used in the creation of programs and applications. This language was developed by James Gosling, and allows Java to download some applications from the Internet and use on browsers so that the performance of the browser may add features that may not be available from the original.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Free iPad Apps ?

Best and free iPad Apps:
There are many applications for the iPad, and the best free applications recommended for use on the regular iPad or mini-iPad devices: 
[1] Bundler application: This application is specialized in file format and order and then sent to another place, where the user can through This application adds a set of its documents to this application and through what is known as Share Sheet. 
VLC for Mobile: This media player can be used to stream videos from a Mac to an iPad, and the user can edit the video while it is playing, such as changing the sound and image. 
JustWatch App: This application is more about TV than the other. The user can view the show times and movies on the TV via his iPad. This program asks the user to specify the type of sites and services he prefers and wants to follow. 
Attenborough Story of life: This application is concerned with those people who prefer to follow the films of the wildlife as it contains more than a thousand videos in this area, and the user of this application can share these videos with friends.
iPad Features:Apple's iPad is a great device to help people increase their productivity and develop their business. IPad has many advantages in business services. These include: [2] Connectivity: iPad allows users to communicate with others and wherever they are from While making voice and video calls and through online conferencing. Presentations: Presentations can be made through this device. The iPad is a high-quality monitor. It is worth mentioning that the iPad can be connected to the computer screen through the VGA and HDMI ports available on the device. Business Execution: An iPad user can perform any business related to his customers, such as access to funds through the payment system, and access to customer records directly from the iPad.

What is the iPad:
The iPad is a tablet computer that was announced by Apple in early 2010. The iPad works on iOS and therefore the iPad allows to run the same applications that run on the iPhone, the device comes in the traditional version of the screen measuring 9.7 inches, That tablet devices released by Apple are called iPads, while tablets manufactured by other companies are called tablets. [3]

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Love to Save Money? Try These Apps

Top Apps To Have Installed Your iPhone To Save Money

We see tons of Ads on a daily basis when it comes to saving money, but the reason why we are hesitant to try any of these is that we think they are a scam! or simply too lazy to put in the effort to start saving money😓. I have been a victim of this, I keep seeing commercials about certain apps that will save you hundreds of dollars but never try it because I am too skeptical. 

This App is very easy to use, but keep in mind that this one is mostly used from groceries. If you want to go paperless this app is the one I recommend to use because it keeps all of your coupons in one place and you don't have to worry about losing the coupons like you would if you had it on paper. This app has even great deals on wine and beer! Once you are home, launch the app scan the barcodes, take a photo of your receipt and start getting money back. The minimum amount to withdraw to your PayPal account is $20.00. 

This app is getting a lot of attention these days, to the point where famous celebrities are even downloading it! This app can be downloaded on your phone and computer it has many deals and coupons from almost anything you can imagine. I do recommend this one because it has a variety of places where you can get great deals from restaurants, massages, oil changes, hotels, and much more. 

This is a browser plugin and available for Chrome and Firefox, there is also a version for your iPhone which I think its very convenient because you can save anywhere you go! 

This is an awesome app that has some amazing deals. Retail Me Not is one of the very first apps that I used to save money and there are plenty of people that use it. I used to work in retail and many people would get coupons off this app. This application is mostly for retail shopping... it is related to the name.  

 Shopkick is one of the best online and offline shopping and you will not regret getting this app. This app allows you to earn rewards that can be spent on gift cards. The gift cards can be from Amazon, Starbucks. and many other places.

If you are a person that enjoys and does most of their all or most of their shopping online then Honey is the best browser plugin for you! The plugin is available for Chrome and Firefox. This plugin automatically applies discounts at checkout when you are doing your shopping. This application also offers rewards that can be used with several different stores and the points can be redeemed for gift cards. 

Spent-Money is an application that gives you cash back on your everyday purchases. The app is available for iPhone and Android users. Once you link your bank and your card you start earning cash back automatically for any purchases made at selected brands and retailers. I am currently using this app and it is very easy to use! 

Ebates is one of the best cash back apps for online purchases. This app can offer up to 40% in cash back with their 2000 and growing partners. You can also apply the browser plugins to never miss any savings. Your cash back rewards have to be spent with the app that you are using.