Monday, April 15, 2019

Tips for students before Taking Exam

This article for all students, you have reached the end of the academic year in which the achievement of your scientific throughout year for final tests, so Student start to panic of the that week. here's some tips can help you to get ready before your exam.

  • Test instructions:

1. Choose a quiet place to study.
2 - Prepare a special table to review all material for a serious review.
3 - Determine what you want to remember well.
4 - Determine the time you will spend in the study, and do not be excessive in the number of hours of study.
5 - Put lines below or high mark the important points in the lesson.
6 - Ask yourself questions, and answer them, so as not to lose your focus.
7 - Prepare a summary of the most important points in the lesson in your own way.
8 - Do not drink beverages that contain stimulants such as tea, coffee and soft drinks, because with time you will not be able to focus without them.
9. Rest yourself five minutes whenever you feel a loss of concentration.
10 - Avoid sleep, it exhausts the body and lose focus.
11. Do not think or try to cheat during exams.

  • Important things to know before your exam:

1 - not to spend the night of the test, it is a stress of thought, exhaustion of the body, so you have to sleep early and wake up to the morning prayers and review the test material.

2 - processing the tools required by the test.

3 - Go to the test room at least fifteen minutes before the start of the test to adapt to the atmosphere, and eliminate the dread of the test.

4 - Once you take the test paper, take a deep breath and take it out slowly then, start write anything you know questions, to call the analytical mind stored by the information that I remember. When you get nervous, you call the emotional mind that does not contain any information. That's why we often forget everything we remember. Once we get out we remember everything, but it's too late.

5. Read the test questions very well and do not forget that some questions are more than partial.

6. If you do not know the answer to a difficult question, leave it until you answer the other easy questions, and then count it again so that you do not waste your time answering the question.

7. Be careful to observe the time of the test, so that you answer the questions and also decline the answer.

8 - After handing the answer sheet to the observer, leave the room quietly, and do not discuss with your colleagues - especially between the test rooms - you may find errors that make you feel upset and tense.

Good Luck 
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