Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The youngest US Democrat Alexandra Ocaci

The youngest Democrat in the US Congress, Alexandra Ocacio Cortez, said her country should consider cutting off military and economic aid to Israel because of its policies, which prompted a response from the Jewish lobby in the United States.

In a radio interview published on Yahoo, the 29-year-old critic criticized Netanyahu's re-election as prime minister in Israel, saying it was "part of the rise of authoritarianism in some parts of the world."

She described Netanyahu as a tramp-like figure, especially after he announced earlier this April the study of annexing settlements in the occupied West Bank to Israel.

When asked about the impact of Netanyahu's recent move on US policy towards Israel, the New York State MP said: "There are several ways to deal with it, including cutting off military and economic aid from Israel," the New York Post reported.

"I think cutting off aid can be put to the table," she said. "These are part of the discussions we are having in our community."

The United States provides about $ 3 billion a year in aid to Israel, including military and economic aid.

Cortez expressed her support for a bill introduced by Democratic Rep. Of Minnesota, Betty McCollum, prohibiting the use of US military and financial aid to Israel in the detention of Palestinian children in the West Bank.

Commenting on her remarks, the US Jewish Congress on Monday issued a statement in which he expressed displeasure with Cortez's remarks, but did not condemn her.

The MP called for contact with Democratic leaders in the US Congress before discussing US aid to Israel.

The Council stressed that Israeli-US ties must transcend policies.
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