Monday, April 29, 2019

The International Fund refuses to support Sudan

A senior IMF official said the foundation continues to provide technical and political support to Sudan but can not provide additional funding because of arrears.

The transitional military junta in Sudan is in talks with opposition groups on forming a joint body to lead the transition, after the removal of 30-year-old President Omar al-Bashir.

The director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department, Jihad Azour, told Reuters that the council had not been in contact with the International Monetary Fund over the country's debts, but the fund continued to deal with the Sudanese authorities after the political turmoil.

"We are communicating with Sudan and providing them with technical assistance and political support," Azour said.

"We can not provide them with funding because they are still in arrears, and until they address the problem of arrears, we can not provide them with additional lending under our regulations," he said.

Protests against the al-Bashir regime began late last year mainly for economic reasons, with rampant unemployment, high inflation and the inability of citizens to meet their needs, and then the ceiling of demands to overthrow the president and symbols of his regime.

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