Saturday, April 27, 2019

Suspected Bomber Before Sri Lanka Attacks

A Sri Lankan army spokesman said on Friday that an exchange of fire broke out between security forces and a group of men in the east of the country during a search for the Day of Resurrection attacks.
The spokesman added that the raid took place in the town of Ampara, Sentamaroto according to published by "Reuters".

The spokesman said that an explosion occurred in the area and when the soldiers went to investigate were shot. So far no details have been available on casualties or casualties.

Since the suicide bombings of churches and hotels in which more than 350 people have been killed, police have been conducting raids across the country in search of more details about the perpetrators and their supporters.

The series of attacks targeted two churches, four hotels in the capital Colombo and areas around it, and a third church on the northeastern coast of the country, killing 310 people until Tuesday morning.

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