Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spyware For Android and iPhone

Security experts revealed that a malicious spyware was able to reach the devices, "iPhone", after a period of appearance in the devices, "Android", amid fears of being able to steal important data.

According to Fox News, the malicious program was found for the first time in the store "Google Play Store" for "Android", and users think that the application returned but not so.

If Google was quick to solve the malware dilemma quickly, Apple, which has recently become infected, only solved the problem later on after it became commonplace.

But iPhone users are not worried, because this malicious program has not yet infiltrated the App Store, but has targeted a platform for Apple application developers.

Last year, digital security company Lookout discovered a malicious program that threatened both Android and iOS systems and could steal numbers, sound recordings, images, geographical locations and other devices.

The company is investing significant resources to keep users safe from malicious applications and other breaches, the spokesman said.

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