Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How do the dead people know their going to die?

A new study reveals that a person realizes the fact of his death, because the brain continues to work for moments and tells us what is happening around us.

A group of medical experts tried to solve the mystery of what happens when humans die, with clues about bright lights and flashes, reported by people who "returned" from instantaneous death.

However, a new study indicates that consciousness continues to function after heart failure and the failure of body movements, which means that the person is trapped primarily in his dead body, while the mind continues to work, even for a short time only.

The study revealed that survivors of heart attack were aware of what was going on around them during their "death" before being sent back to life.

Dr. Sam Barnier, who studies post-mortem awareness and examines heart attacks in Europe and America, said people during the first stage of death could experience some form of awareness.

"Patients with heart attack describe the full conversations of doctors and nurses, and the visual events surrounding them."

Parnia's study included what happens to the brain after a person has had a heart attack, whether consciousness continues after death and how long, to improve the quality of recovery and prevent brain injury, while restoring life to the heart.
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