Monday, April 15, 2019

A huge fire in the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

PARIS - A huge fire broke out in the historic cathedral of Notre Dame in the late 12th century, during the renovation and restoration work of the Paris municipality.

The roof of the cathedral collapsed completely, and the 800-year-old cathedral tower, 69 meters high, collapsed after being consumed by fire, according to international news agencies.

The television footage showed a part of the fire, as flames flared on the roof of the cathedral building and the historic tower fell, unlike the cloud of smoke that covered the area around the famous French historical monument.

The fire department of the Paris municipality evacuated the area around the cathedral as police and firefighters rushed to the scene, prompting officials at the Elysee Palace to cancel the expected speech of President Emmanuel Macaron.

The cathedral is a symbol of France and is part of the European culture and is visited annually by about 13 million tourists from all over the world, according to French media.

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